Our marketing vision through 2023 is simple: Recruit, Retain and Reactive!

  • Recruit new Scouts to grow our program
  • Retain the Scouts we have through exciting and engaging activities
  • Reactivate Scouts that have left the program 

In order to acheive Recruit, Retain and Reactive everyone needs to be a Scouting promoter. We do this by sharing experiences; invite the media to your event or have a Scout write a press release to send to the paper, radio or TV station. This will help engage people with Scout age youth. Enage the Council's social media accounts by clicking Like and sharing it. This helps spread the message. Let us know if you want to lead an activity such as Cub Scout Day Camp, Winter Scouts BSA Camp, Klondike Derby, or another activity you would love see happen. We are a Council of volunteers and the volunteers make it happen.

Marketing refers to activities you do to promote your Scouting Unit. Marketing includes; advertising, fundraising, community service and press releases to enlighten the community and create interest in joining.

The Marketing and Membership Hub contains tools and resources to help strengthen units. The following link will provide you with numerous ideas and resources and are individually listed below.

Marketing and Membership Hub

Marketing Tool Box:

Digital Marketing

  • SEO Guide
  • Social Media guidelines
  • Create a google pin to direct potential new members to your meeting location or charter organization.
  • Create a TikTok and Instagram Account for your unit. Youth are NOT on Facebook!
  • Activate your online member applications in Be A Scout
  • Have a Unit Marketing Leader

BSA Marketing Collateral


There are a number of free tools and design software available that can be used by almost anyone. Currently our Council uses the free application, Adobe Creative Cloud Express, listed below.

Please make all flyers landscape using the following dimensions: 1100 pixels X 679 pixels. Anything else will cause a delay in getting your flyer posted.

Note: If you have questions or need assistance with your marketing plan, please do not hesitate to contact the Alabama-Florida Council Marketing team at

Best Practices:

  • Strategies to make your Scouting recruitment event more successful

  • DO
    Become familiar with BSA Brand Identity and all that it encompasses. Use brand guidelines when customizing a stock piece or designing something new. The more cohesive our branding is across the country and around the world, the more recognizable our programs become.
  • Find and use images and collateral displaying activities and people that reflect those you serve and what they do. Put these images in your collateral and show what Scouting truly looks like in your area.
  • Budget resources for help and then use that help. The Marketing Team wants to assist you in your quest to spread the word about Scouting. They can provide design, editorial, and writing support for most anything that you can imagine. Build in some budget dollars and leave yourself plenty of time to assemble a great product.
  • DON’T
    Recolor, distort, or otherwise change the brand to match a particular motif. Let the brand elements stand proudly and do the work they were designed to do.
  • DON’T
    Forget that Scouting is a diverse youth movement that intersects with many cultures—even and especially those in your area. Display the diversity of Scouting in the region and make sure you capture the full reflection of those in your service area.