James E West Society

James E. West (May 16, 1876 – May 15, 1948) was a lawyer and an advocate of children's rights, who became the first professional Executive Secretary, soon renamed Chief Scout Executive, of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), serving from 1911 to 1943. Upon his retirement from the BSA, West was given the title of Chief Scout.

The James E. West Fellowship Award recognizes gifts to local council endowment funds of $1,000 or more in cash, marketable securities or similar types of property. The gift can be made directly by the donor or to honor someone.  

Gift levels include: $1,000 Bronze; $5,000 Silver; $10,000 Gold and $15,000 Diamond.  Each level includes special recognition.

Recognition - The recognition includes a lapel pin and certificate.  If the receipent is a volunteer Scout leader, they will also recieved a recognition knot for their uniform.  Click here to view the recognition items..   

James W. West Fellowship Award Application

James E. West Award Recipients


Dr. Wallace Miller - Enterprise, AL  

Pierce Flatt - Dothan, AL              

Henry Gray, III - Eufaula, AL              

Roy Rhodes, Jr. - Enterprise, AL

Derrell "Pack" Bowden - Atha, FL

Rodney J. Robinson - Hartford, AL


Dan Johnson - Eufaula, AL

Frank M. Gaines, III - Dothan, AL

James H. Kelley - Ozark, AL

Joe Licina - Enterprise, AL

Joseph R. Gayhart, Jr. - Enterprise, AL 


Barbara Meredith - Enterprise, AL


Gary Straub - Dothan, AL

Terry Honan - Eufaula, AL - N.E. GA Council


Ronald Jones - Enterprise, AL

Septime S. Richard, Jr. - Headland, AL

Harold Turner - Dothan, AL

Teresa Turner - Dothan, AL

Cherly Purvis - Troy, AL - Connecticut


Anmarie Honan - Eufaula, AL

Dr. Nelson Gwinn - Dothan, AL

Andy Lewis - Ozark, AL

Tommy Ricketts - Dothan, AL

Sam Wainwright - Dothan, AL


Don Goody - Dothan, AL

Betty Benefield - Ozark, AL

Alfred F. Livaudais, Jr. - Enterprise, AL

A.L. Benefield, Jr. - Ozark, AL

James Turner - Dothan, AL

David Martin - Enterprise, AL 

Christine Martin - Enterprise, AL

Charles Ellis "Charlie" Spivey - Ozark, AL


John Alan Benefield - Auburn, AL


John Goody - Dothan, AL


Laurie Meadows - Dothan, AL

Mike Meadows - Dothan, AL


Larry Kremer - Dothan, AL