Spring Camporee

Camporees are open to all Scouts BSA Troops, Ships, Crews, and Explorer Posts in the district. They often include competitions intended for patrols or perhaps entire troops. They vary in theme but can be:

  • Unit/patrol competition
  • Merit Badge theme
  • Living History theme

If you have a fantastic idea and would like to chair the next camporee, please contact your Distric Executive. We love volunteers.

2022 Spring Camporee: Makahiki Klondike

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In a place far, far away, illegal genetic experiment #626 is detected: Reckless scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba has created a strong, intelligent, nearly indestructible and aggressive being with only one known weakness. The high density of the experiment’s body makes it impossible for the experiment to swim in water. The scientist is sentenced to jail by the Grand Council of the Galactic Federation. The experiment is intended to be transported to a prison asteroid, yet manages to escape Captain Gantu, who was supposed to deliver him there. With a stolen police cruiser (the red one), the destructive being races towards a little and already doomed planet: Earth. Stranded on island of Kauai, well-equipped representatives of the Galactic Federation already following close behind to catch him again. But Dr. Jookiba and the Earth expert Pleakley never could have guessed that the Earth girl, Lilo, for a mere $2, adopts the experiment as a dog, gives him the name Stitch and actually causes emotional development in the little beast. Her dysfunctional family, consisting only of Lilo and her sister Nani, is about to be ripped apart by social worker Cobra Bubbles. Stitch, as the new family member, brings quite some action into all their lives, and after a while, not even Pleakley and Dr. Jookiba can recognize their former target. But how shall they bring the news of failure to the Grand Councilwoman without being punished? Just wait until the previous six hundred and twenty-five experiments become activated when submerged in water and discover their own unique mischievous talents! Can Lilo, Stitch, and friends catch all the experiments before the Galactic Federation? Will using the skills taught in Scouting allow the Units to survive and thrive while working as teams to push and pull their cruisers (sled) through the Kauai Island? All while competing against other teams for the ultimate prize of the Big Kahuna of the Makahiki Klondike! Before the Units head for the Island, their cruisers will be inspected at Headquarters of the Galactic Federation before being allowed entry into space. Those that do not have adequate supplies will be turned back for their safety. So, it should be at the Makahiki Klondike. Therefore, the first event will be held at HQ. A thorough safety check of the sled and scouts will take place. For example, any team member wearing inadequate footwear or any sled lacking a brake rope must not be allowed to participate in the Klondike Adventure until they correct the unsafe conditions. There are many more requirements of the sled teams and sleds, and they will be detailed in the sections for Sleds and Equipment. It is suggested that you read, re-read, and dissect this section carefully as you plan your approach. Can’t wait for y’all to join us on our Hawaiian rollercoaster ride!