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Pinewood Derby Challenge event includes two races: 

  1. Cub Scout Championship Race - by invitation only
  2. Community Open Race - Open to all

2019 Event Results, click here


2020 Event: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Location: Mercedes-Benz of Dothan

What Is A Pinewood Derby?

For more than 50 years, the Cub Scout Pinewood derby has been a recognized icon of the Scouting program. Participants build cars from a 7 inch blocks of pinewood and race them down a 32 foot long track.  The pinewood car can reach speeds of nearly 20 mph; in scale equal to over 200mph of a full size car!  The car can be simple or elabarate; see photos below for examples. The car is built from parts in the Official BSA Pinewood Derby Car Kit, including a block of wood, 4 plastic wheels and 4 nails as axles. Check out these short videos:Cub Scout Pinewood Derby   Pinewood Derby Racing: Child's Play for Grown Ups

What is the Pinewood Derby Challenge?

This event serves as the official Council Cub Scout Championship Race, plus opens this iconic event to pinewood derby to fans of all ages.  The event includes two races:  The Council Cub Scout Championship Race and the Community Open Race.  Sponsorships help fund the event, plus Scouting in the Wiregrass. 

Council Cub Scout Championship Race - The top 3 Cub Scout finishers in each catigory (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) at the Muskoke District Race and the Menawa District Race qualify to participate in the Council Cub Scout Championship Race. Invitations will be presented at the district races. This is the offical championship race for our 10 county-wide council!  Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 Scouts, plus Best Design. There is no entry fee for participates in the Cub Scout Championship Race thanks to our genouras sponsors, including lead sponsor Mercedes-Benz of Dothan. 

Community Open Race - Many adults would like the opportunity to build and race their own Pinewood Derby car.  The Community Open Race is open to men, women and derby fans of all ages.  Anyone can enter a car in this race.  Participants will experience the fun and excitement of building and racing their own Pinewood Derby car.  The race entry fee ranges from the $25 Scouter Pass to a $500 Station Sponsorship, with several levels inbetween.  See details below.   

Sponsorship Oppertunities

Sponsorships help fund the Cub Scout Championship Race, plus Scouting in the Wiregrass. It also provides bussines an entertaining marketing oppertunity.

Additionally, sponsors have the option to build and race their own car(s) in the Community Open Race.   It's a fun team project that engages employees in a meaningful community activity.  All members of the team are invited to attend the race; it's a blast!

$500 Station Sponsor includes: Sponsorship sign at one of the following stations: Pit Stop, Awards, Victory Lane, Photo Finish, Best Design or Track Operations.  Company logo included in event brochure and on sponsor display sign, plus sponsor name announced during event.  Station sponsors also have the option to enter 2 cars in the Community Open Race.  

$200 Race Sponsor includes: Company name printed in event brochure and on sponsor display sign, plus sponsor name announced during event.  Race Sponsors also have the option to enter a car in the Community Open Race.

Individual Races Fees:

$50 Individual Race Pass - Includes 1 entry in Community Open, plus the official car kit.

$25 Scouter Race Pass - Includes 1 entry in the Community Open for any registered adult leader or youth member of the Boy Scouts of America or the youth's parents.  


Trophies will be presented to the top finishers in the Cub Scout Championship Race and the Community Open Race, plus best designed car in each of the races.

Competition & Bragging Rights

Lead event sponsor Mercedes-Benz of Dothan is challenging all company sponsors for bragging rights in the Community Open Race!  The Cub Scout Champion Race will crown the top Cub Scout in the council.


¨ 6:00pm Weigh-in

¨ 6:30pm Best Design Judging

¨ 6:45pm  Cub Scout Championship Race & Awards Presentation

  7:15 Community Open Race & Awards Presentation


Call the Scout Service Center at 334.793.7882 or email

How To Become a Sponsor or Register to Race

Sponsors and Community Open races simply complete the online registration form below, or call the Scout Service Center at 334.793.7882, or email

The Cub Scout Champion Race is by invitation only.  Qualfiers will be notified by the council.

Resources and Good Stuff:

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