Family Friends of Scouting Campaign


Who Pays for Scouting?

Who pays for Scouting?  As parents and volunteers, we all know the answer to this question; We Do, along with our Scout sons. 

This is by design.  A Scout who helps pay for his Scouting adventure, learns the very important value of self-reliance and ‘paying his own way in life’.  

Through our Pack/Troop fundraisers, we raise the funds we need to run our program; to pay for things like:

¨ Supplies

¨ Recognition and awards

¨ Equipment 

¨ Special Outings

Our Scout Council also conducts fundraisers to pay for the many services that support our Pack/Troop. Just a few of these services include:

*Camp Alaflo Maintenance

*Camp Program Equipment & Supplies

*Fall Membership Recruitment Tools

*Scout Accident & Health Insurance

*Centralized Council Service Center

*Volunteer Leadership Training

Family Friends of Scouting Goal

Our council conducts the Family Friends of Scouting Campaign to raise the funds needed to provide maintenance at Camp Alaflo.  We are blessed to have this outstanding camping facility that serves as the location for many of our Pack, Troop and Council programs.  Camp is where Scouting ‘comes alive’. 

Our goal is to raise $12,000  for the Camp Maintenance Fund; which will provide:

¨ Building Materials

¨ Equipment Repairs

¨ Equipment Rentals

¨ Tools

¨ Camp Truck & Tractor maintenance, repairs, fuel, parts and tires

Donations to Camp Maintenance Fund through the Family Friends of  Scouting Campaign  will help ensure we can provided these very important needs.

Other camp costs including camp ranger, insurance and utilities are funded through the Golden Eagle Dinners and we thank those who also support that fundraiser.

Gifts for your Donation

Scouts like patches.  With a $25 donation, you will recieved a limited Scout Oath Council Sholder Patch that can be worn on the Scout uniform (see photo above). 

Scouts like Camping.  With a $100 dontaion, you'll recieve a nifty compact LED camp lantern. A lantern lights the way for the Scout on the camp trail; Scouting lights they way for the Scout on the trail of life (see photo above).


Schedule your Pack or Troop Presentation

Contact the Council Service Center to scheudle your unit presentation and we'll take care of the rest!  


Click here for the Family Friends of Scouting Brochure