Family Friends of Scouting Campaign


Who Pays for Scouting?

Who pays for Scouting?  As parents and volunteers, we all know the answer to this question; We Do, along with our Scout sons. 

This is by design.  A Scout who helps pay for his Scouting adventure, learns the very important value of self-reliance and ‘paying his own way in life’.  

Through our Pack/Troop fundraisers, we raise the funds we need to run our program; to pay for things like:

¨ Supplies

¨ Recognition and awards

¨ Equipment 

¨ Special Outings

Our Scout Council also conducts fundraisers to pay for the many services that support our Pack/Troop. Just a few of these services include:

*Camp Alaflo Maintenance

*Camp Program Equipment & Supplies

*Fall Membership Recruitment Tools

*Scout Accident & Health Insurance

*Centralized Council Service Center

*Volunteer Leadership Training

Gifts for your Donation

Scouts like patches.  With a $100 donation, you will recieved a limited Scout Oath Council Sholder Patch that can be worn on the Scout uniform. 


Schedule your Pack or Troop Presentation

Contact Joe Maxwell @ at the Council Service Center to scheudle your unit presentation and we'll take care of the rest!