Family Friends of Scouting Campaign


To help keep the cost of Scouting affordable for all boys, our Scout Council provides many services for free or at a discounted cost.  Again this year, we are conducting the Family Friends of Scouting Campaign to raise the funds needed for Camp Alaflo maintenance and supplies.   We need your pack's/troop's help!  Please contact your District Family FOS Chair, district executive or the Council Service Center at 334.793.7882 to schedule your annual FOS presentation. 

What are the True Costs of Scouting?

20% of the costs of Scouting are the norms most individuals expect (i.e. Handbooks, Uniforms, Activity Fees, Summer Camp, etc.); however, there is roughly 80% of costs not often seen. Some of these costs include Training for volunteer and professional staffs, Camp Promotion, Administrative Needs, Service Center Operations, Charter Fees, Full-Time Camp Ranger, Maintaince and Development of Camp Properties, Council Website, and the list continues. 

How can you help?

Any monetary gift you choose to donate offsets the aforementioned costs and allows the Council to continue to provide adquate programs to the youth of our communities.