Centennial Society

The Centennial Society of the Alabama-Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America was created by resolution of Council Executive Board in celebration of the 2010 Centennial of the Boy Scouts of America as a means to grow the Council Endowment Fund.

Membership in the Centennial Society is extended to all supporters of scouting who include the Alabama-Florida Council in their estate planning. It is an acknowledgement of those who, through their esate plans, peretuate the ideals and mission of the Boy Scouts of America in the council. There is not specific level of support required for Society Membership. The only require is to include the Council in your estate planning.

Income generated by Centennial Society member’s gifts to the Endowment Fund will provide financial support to local scouting. 100% of the income generated from the Council Endowment Fund will be used to support scouting in the Alabama-Florida Council.

Society members are recognized for gift commitments with a special membership certificate presented at the Council Annual Recognition Banquet.

Gifts to the Centennial Society can be made in the following way:

  • Including the Council in your will or in a codicil to your will.
  • Designating the Council as a beneficiary or partial beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
  • Designating the Council a beneficiary or partial beneficiary in a retirement plan, 401-K, IRA, etc.
  • Including the Council as a beneficiary of a charitable trust.
  • Include the Council as a beneficiary in some other suitable fashion in your estate planning.

A codicil is a written amendment to a person's will.  When the person dies, both the original will and the codicil are submitted for approval by the court (probate) and form the basis for administration of the estate and distribution of the belongings of the writer.

Click here for the Application and Codicil.  

For more informaiton, please call our council service center at 334.793.7882.